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About Us

We seek to become a Real Strategic Partner, Companion and Friend that assists our clients in pursuing Global Business Development in Thailand and ASEAN.


As a global consulting and managing firm based in Thailand, ASEAN, we have continued to expand our domestic and international network while providing highly valued-added consulting and managing services that assist our clients in expanding their business operation in Thailand, ASEAN and beyond.


Since the firm's founding, everyone at Bangkok-Berliner Company Limited has been passionately striving to provide high-quality consulting and management services that make us a "Real Partner, Companion and true Friend" for our clients.

No matter the challenge's difficulty, we thoroughly examine our clients' operations to enable them to achieve their goals based on our knowledge, experience and network in private, governmental and academic sectors.


To each client, we deliver one of the best ways and means, encompassing both strategy and efficient and effective implementation, taking to account the cultural aspects and business customs and values of each country and locality, especially Thailand and ASEAN.


Our policy is to continue to work closely, professionally and warmly with determination and commitment to a long-term partnership to ensure its operations' best practices and success.


We will continue to serve as the one-and-only "Real Strategic Partner, Companion and True Friend" for our clients to assist such clients pursuing business in Thailand and ASEAN and on a global basis in delivering success and high value.

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