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We provide optimised consulting services to clients across all industries and challenges in Thailand and ASEAN by leveraging our experience in technology and innovation.


We make solid innovation a reality by engaging in problem-solving and added-value creation alongside our clients.

Innovating through joint innovation and development

Bangkok-Berliner Consulting and Management Services

Three Areas of Expertise

Meeting the broad needs of various businesses and industries

Industry Expertise

With best practices across various businesses and industries that have been accumulated in Thailand, ASEAN and beyond, and consultants possessing expertise in each of them, we contribute to innovation in businesses, enterprise groups and society by leading the way toward partnerships and value-creation that transcend the boundaries between companies, governmental, semi-governmental organisations, businesses and industries, academics, and all sectors for the locality.


Central Government, Local Government and Industry and Business Expertise


We provide reliable services and solutions backed by our wealth of knowledge and experience cultivated by many experts from governmental and semi-governmental organisations, businesses and industries, academics, and all sectors of the locality - as a business innovation partner of companies and organisations and by our accomplishments in supporting businesses and industries.

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From strategy to business reorganisation, the introduction of digital technology and subsequent operation and maintenance, we provide practical consulting services that address all themes necessary for companies and organisations.

Covering all areas from strategy to execution to operations

Service Line

We partner with our customers, using our skills to help them transform their work into strategic planning, systems development, and operation and maintenance. Our specialists combine their expertise and experience to create great services that add value to our client's businesses.

Services Provided by Bangkok-Berliner Consulting and Management


  • Corporate and Business Strategy

- Operations vision setting

- Medium-term operations plan formulation

- Digital strategy formulation

- Sustainability strategy formulation

- Customer strategy formulation

- Value chain strategy formulation

  • Enterprise Reform

- Organisational reform

- Business management reform

- Cost structure reform

- Business process re-engineering (BPR)

- Cultural reform

- Strategic human resources

- Security

  • Business Development

- New business development

- M&A


Digital Processes and Technology

  • Digital Innovation

- Support in envisioning and realising future industries in the digital era and novel business schemes

- Support in designing operations technologies and future operations reforms

- IP creation infrastructure support

- Support for startup co-creation and ecosystem formation

- Next-gen digital solution development

  • Use/application strategies

- ERP industry-specific templates

- Business-specialised applications

- Operational infrastructure infra-services

  • Management

- DX/IT strategy formulation support

- DX/IT programs/ project management support

- DX/IT governance structure support

- Agile methodology introduction suppor

  • Technology

- Enterprise architecture formulation / structural support

- Investigation and discovery of state-of-the-art technology services

  • Outsourcing

- IT outsourcing strategy formulation/introduction support and implementation

- Data analysis outsourcing

  • Organisation/Personnel Management

- Design and training support for future organisations and future human resources

- Proposal and implementation support for DX/IT organisations and human resources strategies, and human resources training

- Data use & application organisational design /

  • AI/Data Use & Application

- Data use and application strategy

- Data analytics support

- Data governance/data management planning and architecture support

- Data analysis platform and architecture support

Operational Infrastructure Platforms

- Proposal, development, introduction and management

  • Accounting/Asset Management

-Accounting/financial affairs reform, DX reform

- Global performance management process reinforcement

- Global treasury management

- Fraud detection/internal controls/GRC

- Data-driven operations structuring/establishment

- Support for transfers to FP&A-type organisations

- ESG operations management reform

- PMI support in business restructuring

  • Customer Relationship Management

- Customer experience:

Customer experience process restructuring/DX support, a realisation of customer 360

- Marketing transformation:

Marketing enhancement and DX support, privacy regulation compliance, sustainable marketing support

- Sales transformation:

Sales model restructuring/DX support

- Customer engagement transformation: contact centre/omnichannel reconstruction/DX support, workforce management reform

  • Human Resources/Personnel Management

- Realisation of data-driven personnel management

- Optimisation of human resources processes

- Talent management/global human resources management

- Communications reorganisation/building knowledge-sharing and application/usage infrastructure

- Engagement improvement support

- Well-being promotion support

A unique network that extends worldwide

Global & Regional &
Domestic Expertise

  • Thailand

  • Germany

  • Hong Kong

  • New Zealend

  • Singapore

  • The UAE

  • The USA

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