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We are maximising our company's strengths while continuing to change and develop.



In these rapidly changing, uncertain times, we believe the only consulting and management firms that can truly become trusted strategic partners, Companions and true friends to clients moving forward with enormous transformations are those possessing the resources to create tangible results together while exercising unprecedented speed and agility in addition to deep insights into society, markets and industry issues.



At Bangkok-Berliner Consulting and Management, we aim to continue increasing our practical ability to generate results and successes together as we share the challenges of transformative change with clients on a domestic (Thailand), regional (ASEAN) and global scale.


Bangkok-Berlinerʼs mission, beliefs and value proposition; these three major points lie at the root of our corporate activities.

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Our Mission

We lead our clients to new success in Thailand and ASEAN through transformation, contributing to continual increased corporate value.


Real Strategic Partner, Companion and True Friend: This term is the cornerstone of Bangkok-Berlinerʼs working philosophy and exemplifies our corporate attitude. It exemplifies our value system, a strong commitment toward realising project success and innovation as a true strategic partner, companion and friend of our clients.

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Our Vision

Without constricting ourselves to an unvarying set of values, we serve as a Real Strategic Partner, Companion and True Friend to our clients, a global consulting and management firm from Asia (Thailand, ASEAN) that fully applies distinctive regional and corporate characteristics with world-class German Standards.

Core Value

As a Real Strategic Partner, Companion and Friend with the same vision of the future and the same value for success, we have always supported making our clients’ transformation a reality through our sincere and passionate consulting and management services.

Everything begins with people.
Practical Solutions
Solid outcomes leading to the next stage

Consulting and management services consist of people; their skills, expertise, and earnest support make it possible to present high-value-added proposals to our clients.

We value a human-oriented attitude of respecting and enhancing each other, especially through synergising between East and West.

We provide feasible, effective and efficient solutions and always see and accompany them through to the end. To that end, we will clarify goals and work to solve our customers' challenges with our intelligence in predicting the distant future, speedy response, creativity, and spirit of challenge.

We are becoming one with customers to work hard on their projects and grow together.

We will be a driving force to propel customers to the next stage, and they will truly feel successful.

That is our mission.

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